“The Ekso can facilitate the speed at which someone recovers.”

Dr. Michael Pedoto, M.D.
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State of rehabilitation for stroke and spinal cord injury

Stroke Average Lifetime Cost Stroke Average Lifetime Cost SCI Average Lifetime Cost

Supporting better outcomes for your patients

We designed EksoGT™ for use exclusively in clinical environments. When it’s incorporated into a therapeutic practice, the impact can be profound: improved patient outcomes, improved operational efficiencies, and a reputation in the medical and patient communities for a willingness to embrace the latest, and the best, tools available.

Ekso Bionics therapeutic devices are engineered for patients and therapists alike. By promoting earlier mobility, we can help those recovering from stroke or spinal cord injury get back on their feet sooner. At the same time, we can reduce the physical strain on therapists and the likelihood of injury during rehabilitation sessions.

Variable Assist software provides adaptive amounts of power to either side of the body, engaging patients to contribute their own power as they progress thru their continuum of care.

Enables a greater number of high quality steps in a shorter period of time.

EksoGT encourages correct posture, proper midline orientation and balance awareness.

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