Ekso Bionics Ekso GT™ robotic exoskeleton is a comprehensive gait therapy tool which provides an unparalleled rehabilitation experience for patients and therapists alike.

Ekso GT enables functional based, intensive, over ground gait training and is designed to support the re-learning of correct step patterns and weight shifts, potentially mitigating compensatory behaviors.

Physical Therapist From Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan describes using Ekso GT as the better way to help her patients take more steps.

Variable Assist™

Variable Assist™ our adaptive or “smart” software, dynamically provides 0-100% power to either side of the body and promotes a greater number of high-quality steps in a shorter time period for a broad spectrum of patients.

Variable Assist is the only software feature commercially available that allows clinicians to dynamically augment their patients’ strength and to strategically target deficient aspects of their gait while the patient walks. It engages patients by challenging their abilities, balancing the physical effort they exert with the amount of help they need to achieve a more normalized gait.

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State of the art in its engineering, the GT offers therapists a new tool to help improve outcomes for their patients.