Move as one with EksoGT—a wearable exoskeleton for stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

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Move as one with the first FDA cleared exoskeleton indicated for stroke and spinal cord injury rehabilitation that is designed to help patients get back on their feet supporting re-learning of correct step patterns, weight shifting, and potentially mitigating compensatory behaviors.

At Ekso Bionics we believe together we can change the standard of care by supporting patients hopes of early mobility and independence with exoskeleton technology.


Promotes early mobility and helps correct posture

Physicians Provide innovative options for gait therapy
PTs Get support when providing over-ground gait therapy
administrators Ensure your department is advancing the standard of care
patients Rehabilitate more effectively in gait therapy


Allows real-time adjustments to an exoskeleton during rehabilitation

Physicians Refer patients to potentially correct specific postures
PTs While walking change settings to adapt to changing patient needs
administrators Maintain productivity thanks to a fully customizable design
patients Real-time setting changes can enhance your gait therapy


Enables personalization and customization during rehabilitation sessions

Physicians Benefit from analyzing measures from past rehab sessions
PTs Begin mobility earlier in some patients with an exoskeleton
administrators Access to cost-effective software upgrades to stay updated
patients Obtain access to customized care tailored to your rehabilitation needs


Move as one with a breakthrough in-patient rehabilitation and the next generation of variable assist software that promotes early mobility with training, flexible controls, and a rehabilitation friendly user-interface.

At Ekso Bionics we do not just design early mobility aids but rehabilitation tools that give physicians and physical therapists advanced therapeutic options.


Innovative techniques to prepare a patient to walk in an exoskeleton

Physicians Gain confidence that your patient is ready to walk
PTs Be confident that you have a variety of exercises for different needs
administrators Be confident that exoskeletons could be accessible to more patients
patients Be confident prior to walking from various training techniques


Fewer restrictions and more control to allow the patient to power themselves when appropriate

Physicians Freedom for patients to train with balance & stance techniques
PTs Freedom to allow patient to power both legs themselves
administrators Provide more cost-effective care with customized rehabilitation
patients When ready to walk power yourself in one or both legs


Rehabilitation friendly user-interface improvement

Physicians Be more productive thanks to fewer rehab session data entry errors
PTs Focus more on your patient & less on your exoskeleton
administrators Empower your workforce to be more productive
patients Spend more time up walking in rehabilitation


Cloud-based technology for physical therapists and physicians to obtain insights in rehabilitation to deliver more personalized care and measurable progress for patients using exoskeletons.

At Ekso Bionics we believe in giving people hope, and helping them reimagine their own functional limitations.


Quantifiable utilization metrics characterizing rehabilitation

Physicians Check up on patient progress from your office
PTs Plan for future sessions based upon utilization metrics
administrators Develop personalized care based upon metrics
patients More detailed quantifiable results for your rehab sessions

Wireless Transmission

Wireless synchronization with Vodafone cellular technology

Physicians No lost data thanks to wireless electronic transmission
PTs Save time from manual dictation in every session
administrators Minimal investment or change in infrastructure needed
patients Wireless transmission does not obstruct rehabilitation session


Reliable electronic access to patient data

Physicians Access historical rehabilitation session results from your PC or Mac
PTs Easily reference historical session data and filter for rehab measures
administrators Minimal investment or change in infrastructure needed
patients Rehabilitation session data always available for professional care providers