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  • 60 MINUTES
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    U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald tells 60 Minutes that the "best thing" he's seen on the job so far is the wearable exoskeleton which is helping wounded veterans stand up and walk again, even after decades.

  • Forbes
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    Enter the age of human augmentation. Ekso Bionics is at the forefront of a technology with medical, industrial, and military applications. Forbes takes a first look at a Darpa-funded effort to create a human exoskeleton for super soldiers.

  • BBC News
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    Ekso bionic suit: Robotic exoskeleton helps people to walk again

  • Wall Street Journal
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    U.S. Military Turns to Hollywood to Outfit the Soldier of the Future - Designer of 'Iron Man' Suit Among Those Working on High-Tech Gear for Elite Troops

  • CNN
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    Walking again, with a robotic exoskeleton

  • FOX Business
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    Ekso Bionics CEO Nathan Harding on designing and commercializing wearable robots.

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    Blind, paralyzed, but not broken, Mark Pollock rises to walk with the help of his bionic Ekso suit.

  • Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
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    Ekso Bonics is named one of five startups poised to change MedTech forever.