Amplify human ability.

At Ekso, our aim is to amplify human ability. From protecting workers and boosting productivity, to treating patients and rehabilitating mobility deficiencies, we are pioneering how people live, work, and recover. With constant development and innovation, we are finding new ways of applying our expertise every day.


Helping your patients regain full function.

EksoNR, our lower-body clinical rehabilitation device, was the first exoskeleton FDA-cleared for both stroke and spinal cord injury, as well as the only exoskeleton FDA-cleared for acquired brain injury. Building upon our clinical expertise, we have expanded into upper-body rehabilitation with the new EksoUE.

Ekso Rehabilitation


Boosting manufacturing workers’ endurance and safety.

With major manufacturers like Ford and Boeing leading the pack by adopting EksoVest, we now are introducing the next evolution in human-centric manufacturing: EVO. EVO blends the efficiency and accuracy of robotics with the strategy and decisiveness of humans.

Ekso Manufacturing


Dramatically reducing workplace construction injuries.

With use by industry-leading construction companies around the world, EksoZeroG and EVO support workers, allowing them to be more safe, accurate, and efficient. Saving businesses hours and cash burn, EksoZeroG and EVO are lifting the construction industry to the next level.

Ekso Construction


Applying robotics to augment ability.

Ekso partners with industry-leading organizations like Kessler Institute, Johns Hopkins, and Virginia Tech to promote exoskeleton research with Ekso devices. Our products are developed based on data-backed findings and customer feedback, with the aim of bettering people’s lives.

Ekso Research


Endless applications, endless opportunities.

Ekso has developed products for countless applications. From ABI patients standing up and walking, to technology developed especially for the US military, we create exoskeletons that help amplify human ability.

We are constantly engineering new ways to help humans live life to their fullest.

Other Applications

Ekso has so many applications.

From boom mic operators, to hairdressers, to orthopaedic surgery patients, to industrial launderers — Ekso has a solution for everyone. With leading companies in industries like solar, food processing, utilities, and more, we have a solution for you. Can’t find a solution for your application? Email us your ideas at!

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