When you think of robotics, you probably picture a free-roaming robot that helps you with your household chores. While that may have been the picture old Sci-Fi movies painted, modern applications of robotic technology are actually much cooler and more practical. At Ekso Bionics, our scientists and technicians work tirelessly to create exoskeleton technology with industrial applications that stretch the limits of human capabilities.

A wearable robot gives you new comfort and abilities while performing repetitive tasks without limitations. Industrial workers can improve their endurance and get actual results without worrying about worker fatigue. Our commitment is to help job sites become safer and more efficient. Ekso Bionics has seen actual results when it comes to alleviating the risks of workplace injuries. We are proud to be an industry leader and leading developer of exoskeleton solutions. Your business matters to you, so your industrial workers matter to us. Here are just a few ways our revolutionary EVO design can help reduce the number of risks within your industrial workplace.