Centers of Excellence

We recognize a handful of key partners offering exceptional Ekso rehabilitation programs

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center provides comprehensive neuro-rehabilitative services in both the Inpatient and Outpatient settings for individuals following stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury or other neurological disorders. We provide an individualized, interdisciplinary and whole-person approach to rehabilitation. Our goal is to assist each person in maximizing his or her potential. As a CARF accredited inpatient rehab facility with specialization in stroke care and as a Comprehensive Stroke Center under Joint Commission, we provide the highest quality in patient care. We are proud to partner with Ekso to enhance the state-of-the-art intervention available in our programs.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Program:

(414) 649-6062

Outpatient Aurora Physical Therapy, Neuroscience Clinic:

(414) 649-6011

Barrow Neurological Institute

Barrow Neurological Institute is a leading provider of rehabilitation services and the only center offering Ekso in the Southwest tri state region of Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. They are the referral place of choice for neurological conditions including spinal cord injury and complex stroke patients and currently use Ekso in both in-patient and outpatient up to 6+ hours a day.


Nathan West, PT, DPT
Clinical Supervisor
Barrow Outpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation Center

DHR Rehabilitation Hospital

The DHR Health Rehabilitation Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient care to help you or your loved one return to the highest possible level of independence and functioning after a life altering injury or illness.  With the help of a dedicated multidisciplinary team, patients are able to achieve what once seemed impossible.  As the only CARF accredited facility in the city of Edinburg, and the only CARF certified stroke program in South Texas, we provide the highest level of care to those seeking to regain their independence. Our highly trained team of physicians, therapists, nurses, and staff work seamlessly together to develop treatment plans and monitor progress. Rehabilitative nursing with physician supervision is provided for all of our patients, 24 hours per day.

Michael E. Auer, PT, DPT, C/NDT
Director of Rehabilitation Services

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation

Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Centers | Ekso Bionics

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network (Allentown, PA) is a nationally recognized neuro-rehabilitation leader, offering a continuum of care for people with injuries, complex medical needs and physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Good Shepherd’s clinical philosophy centers around returning patients to their maximal functional recovery. They are a leading user of Ekso in their rehabilitation program which has resulted in 3M+ steps taken in the device.


Frank Hyland
Executive Director and Administrator
610.776.3223 (Direct)

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Centers | Ekso Bionics

Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility located in Wheaton, IL, that offers specialty programs focused on the treatment of stroke and spinal cord injury. Marianjoy is committed to using the latest advances in assistive rehabilitation technology and has partnered with Ekso Bionics to generate clinical evidence on rehabilitation with the use of Ekso and will establish protocols for using exoskeletons for rehabilitation.


Sarah Mahisekar
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
630.909.7104 (office)

Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht

The Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht (Switzerland) specializes in the treatment of brain and nerve injured patients. For 30 years, the clinic and its employees have been focusing exclusively on the treatment and recovery of stroke, brain injuries and diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). An interdisciplinary team of experienced neuro-rehab specialists supports the patients over the entire time of their rehabilitation. As one of the leading specialty clinics for neurological rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht is known for its excellent medical treatment program, professional nursing and therapies, as well as care based on humanness and respect.

Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital

Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital is a 115 bed free standing acute rehabilitation hospital providing a specialized comprehensive Inpatient and Outpatient continuum of care for individuals with stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other neurological disorders. The Neuro-Rehabilitation Institute at Sunnyview is recognized for offering state-of-the-art technology and treatments aimed at maximizing the individual’s recovery and level of functioning. Sunnyview is acknowledged for its emphasis on patient centered care, with 98% of persons served recommending the program to family and friends. Sunnyview has partnered with Ekso Bionics and is studying the application of Ekso exoskeleton technology for individuals with stroke and spinal cord injury.

Patricia Valenza, DPT, ATP
Assistant Director, Neuro-Rehabilitation Institute

Villa Beretta Centro di Riabilitazione

Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Centers | Ekso Bionics

Villa Beretta Centro di Riabilitazione in Costa Masnaga, Italy provides high-quality medical care and rehabilitation for individuals with traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and neuromuscular disease. Villa Beretta is measuring the impact that robotic exoskeletons could make on a stroke patient’s efforts to regain walking ability.


Contact center: 031.324111
Main email address: