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“I can actually get a patient to walk overground in full weight-bearing, and a robot provides the graded amount of assistance that patient needs.”

Erin Rogers Physical Therapist, OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital


Customize motor support strength for various impairment levels, from full assistance to patient-initiated movement.


EksoNR includes a suite of programs to help patients balance, weight shift, and step in place before walking.


Sensors and software continuously monitor and regulate leg movement to minimize compensatory gait patterns.


Set training targets and modify assistance levels in real time for each leg independently based on session feedback.


View session-specific walking time, distance, and speed, securely saved to the cloud for easier documentation.


EksoNR helps patients bear only their own weight with proper postural alignment so you can maximize treatment time.

EksoNR is an intuitive, effective, and differentiating addition to any NeuroRehabilitation clinic. Download our brochure to learn more about how EksoNR can benefit your program.

Backed by a growing body of clinical evidence

With more than 1,800 patients participating in 105 investigator-led clinical studies, Ekso is the most widely-studied exoskeleton for stroke rehabilitation.

Continuing education to empower your practice

Earn CEUs for training with EksoNR. Our intensive training program ensures you can safely and confidently administer robotic gait training.

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Strengthening current gait training techniques

Learn how Ekso enhances patient experiences and functional outcomes in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does EksoNR's battery last?

Ekso comes with two sets of rechargeable lithium ion batteries that allow for continuous use.

What are EksoNR's size and weight requirements?

Ekso fits patients under 220 pounds and between 5′ and 6’4″.

I'm a rehabilitation professional interested in using Ekso in my rehabilitation center.  Who should I contact?

Request a demo to see EksoNR in your practice.

What's the difference between EksoGT and EksoNR?

EksoNR is the new generation of EksoGT. To learn more about EksoNR and it’s new features, watch our “What’s New” video.