Clinical Training

Initial Training

Level 1 Certification

Level 1 Certification is designed to allow your team time to familiarize themselves with the basic feature set of EksoNR and its applications to gait training. Ekso is a highly adaptable clinical device with many options to maximize the gait training sessions with your patient. Under the guidance of an Ekso Bionics Clinical Training Specialist, up to four physical therapists will work towards the goal of Level 1 Certification.

We recommend that your staff continue EksoNR training sessions with the participants from Initial Training. It is also recommended that each physical therapist participate in additional patient evaluations and screenings for Ekso utilization. Physical therapists need skilled use and comfort with basic features before beginning Advanced Feature Training.

Advanced Training

Level 2 Certification

The Advanced Feature Training occurs after 6-8 weeks of Initial Training and consists of two main goals. It first focuses on the SmartAssist features that enhance gait training sessions for patients with a variety of gait goals. This includes customizing the power limit for each leg, and setting various motor assistance goals and reaction time to maximize gait training sessions.

The second goal is to provide Level 2 Certification which will permit the PT will be able to run a session on their own or with a non-Ekso certified individual.

Continuing Education Credit

Ekso Bionics has been granted 35 Continuing Competence Units, through the Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), for successful completion of the EksoNR training program. The FSBPT recognizes the comprehensive overview of gait analysis, robotic technology integration into gait training, and interactive learning through guided instruction during your training program.

Who is Eligible for Continuing Education Credit?

FSBPT has automatic/guaranteed coverage for over 30 states and counting.