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*Hasomed’s Rehastim2 FES integration with EksoGT is now available for routine clinical use in registered CE marked countries.
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a therapy method where nerves are stimulated with electrical current via surface electrodes in order to cause muscular contraction. The aim is to produce a functional movement for impaired extremities. The combination of exoskeleton technology with FES, give clinicians the synergistic benefits of earlier mobility and muscle stimulation to provide rehabilitation to a broader spectrum of patients, ranging from pre-ambulatory to almost independent.

Integrated Therapy

Integrated Therapy | Ekso Bionics

The combination of Ekso medical exoskeleton and RehaStim2 functional electrical stimulation (FES) technology has demonstrated in research the benefit of a more versatile therapy. FES walking with a medical exoskeleton stimulates with electrical impulses relevant muscles needed enhancing movement and gait training in rehabilitation. Previously exclusively used in research, Hasomed’s Rehastim2 FES integration with Ekso is now available for routine clinical use in registered CE marked countries.

Our RehaStim2 FES device sends electrical impulses to the muscles, generating targeted movement of extremities despite paralysis.”

—Matthias Weber, chief executive officer and owner of Hasomed

About Ekso

EksoGT Bionic Suit | Ekso Bionics

Ekso is the first exoskeleton cleared by the FDA for use with stroke and spinal cord injuries from L5 to C7. The Ekso with SmartAssist software is the only exoskeleton available for rehabilitation institutions that can provide adaptive amounts of power to either side of a patient’s body, challenging the patient as they progress through their continuum of care. The suit’s patented technology provides the ability to mobilize patients earlier, more frequently, and with a greater number of high intensity steps. To date, this device has helped patients take more than 100 million steps in over 270 rehabilitation institutions around the world.

About Hasomed GmbH

Hasomed GmbH is an owner-managed company focusing on neurological rehabilitation. Originally established in 1991 Kronberg / Taunus, the head office was relocated in 1995 to Magdeburg. Dr. Peter Weber and Matthias Weber are owners and CEOs of the company. Hasomed GmbH are a spin-off from the Department of Science of the Medical Faculty of the University Magdeburg. Thus the focus of activities during first years of establishment was on development and manufacturing of research technology.