Endurance You Can Wear

EksoVest supports your arms at work so you can have more energy at home.


EksoVest is an upper body exoskeleton that elevates and supports a worker’s arms to assist them with tasks ranging from chest height to overhead. It is lightweight and low profile, making it comfortable to wear in all conditions while enabling freedom of motion.

5-15 lb. Lift Assist Per Arm

Lift force can be adjusted to fit application and operator preference

Reduced Fatigue & Increased Endurance

Operators become less tired over the course of their shift leaving them with more energy at the end of the day

Rugged Design

Built with durable materials and tested to withstand wear & tear on the job

Customizable Size

EksoVest can be adjusted to provide a custom fit to a wide range of operator sizes

Healthier Workers

Lessening the strain on operators’ shoulders and back reduces the likelihood of on-the-job injuries

Improved Worker Morale

Reduction in fatigue and injury leads to happier workers and improved worker retention


Unit Weight 9.5lb. (4.3kg)
Adjustable Lift Assistance 5-15lb. (2.2-6.8kg) per arm
Worker Height Range 5'0"-6'4" (152-193cm)*

*Height range may vary due to torso length

EksoVest Packages

Specific Worker

The Specific Worker (SW) EksoVest is one (1) device assembled with a single set of components to fit the measurements of an individual.  This includes the base device along with: one pair of arm cuffs, one pair of upper arm straps, one hip belt, and one pair of springs. You must use our measurement guide in the Operator Manual to submit your component sizes when purchasing a Specific Worker Device.  This kit has a lower price due to the fewer number of components included. We recommend purchasing these SW kits for individual operators after completing in-house trials with our GC kits that can be adjusted to fit different size workers.

Note: you can always purchase additional components for your SW EksoVest to adjust the fit for a different sized operator.

General Configuration

The General Configuration (GC) EksoVest is a full kit that includes all available components for one (1) device.  This includes the base device along with: three pairs of arm cuffs (S, M & L), three pairs of upper arm straps (S, M & L), two hip belts (S/M & L/XL), the hip belt extender, and four pairs of springs (Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4) along with storage bags for the extra components when not in use.  This kit has a higher price due to the additional components included. We recommend purchasing these GC kits first so you can try out EksoVest with multiple operators of different sizes for your application and then purchasing additional SW kits for individual operators as needed.

EksoVest Resources

Videos and guides to help you set up, operate, and maintain your EksoVest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I lift with EksoVest?

While wearing EksoVest, you should only lift the same amount of weight as you would without the device on.

EksoVest provides 5 – 15 lb. (2.2 – 6.8 kg) of list assistance per arm to give your natural strength a boost throughout your work day.  This is NOT intended to give you super strength but instead give you super endurance and reduce fatigue so that you have more energy and less soreness at the end of your shift.  Whatever payload you normally lift (a 4 lb. torque wrench, a 10 lb. component, or even just the weight of your arm) will feel lighter with the boost you get from your EksoVest.

Can I put EksoVest on by myself?

Yes, EksoVest is designed so an operator can put it on by themselves.

With a little practice, most people can put their EksoVest on in less than one minute.

What maintenance is involved?

EksoVest requires minimal maintenance.

Keeping your EksoVest clean is the most important aspect of maintenance.  The recommended maintenance/cleaning schedule and instructions are included in the Operator Manual.

How long does it take to change soft goods (arm cuffs, hip belts, etc.)?

The entire set of soft goods can be changed in less than 5 minutes.

The soft goods are removable so that they can be washed or swapped to fit a different operator.

What is the warranty?

EksoVest is covered under a limited warranty for 1 year.

The details of this warranty can be found in the Operator Manual.