Work Without the Weight

EksoZeroG holds heavy tools on aerial work platforms and scaffolding.


The U.S. spends $21 billion per year on workplace-related injuries that drain productivity. Construction workers are 5x more likely to report poor health. 20% of construction workers report severe pain.

EksoZeroG helps ease the physical burden on construction and demolition workers. With EksoWorks’ innovative exoskeleton technology, your workers can now complete heavy hand tool tasks with less fatigue, better workmanship, and fewer workplace injuries.


Avoid injury using tools that feel weightless


Maintain full, active crews and increase productivity

Safety Officers

Keep workers safe


Rivet Busters

Demo Hammers

Rotary Hammers

Chipping Hammers

Impact Wrenches



Aerial model Scaffold model
Unit Weight 34.8 lb (15.7 kg) 35.4 lb (16.0 kg)
Payload Supported Up to 36.0 lb. (16.3 kg) including tool holder
Compatibility Fits most AWPs*

EksoZeroG Resources

Videos and guides to help you set up, work with, and maintain your EksoZeroG.

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight payload can EksoZeroG support?

EksoZeroG provides up to 36.0 lb. (16.3 kg) of lift force for heavy tools. This means payloads weighing up to 36 lb. (including the tool holder, the tool, and the tool steel) will feel weightless and can be moved effortlessly around the work area. ZeroG can safely support heavier loads up to 42.0 lb. (19.1 kg) but since only 36 lb. of lift is provided, heavier tools will not feel completely weightless.

What tools are compatible with EksoZeroG?

EksoZeroG works with any tools up to 42.0 lb. (19.1 kg) that an operator can safely mount to the end of the ZeroG arm. Many tools are attached using a sling. The most common tools include rivet busters, chipping/demo hammers, rotary hammers and impact wrenches. ZeroG also works well with large grinders which can be easily attached using the ring gimbal to make large grinding jobs much easier by eliminating the weight of the tool. Check out the resources section of our website for easy “how-to” videos to learn how to attach the most common tools.

Where do I mount EksoZeroG?

EksoZeroG is designed to mount both to aerial work platforms (AWPs) like scissor lifts and to standard scaffold railing. There are two different mounts for ZeroG, aerial & scaffold, which can be ordered or rented depending on your specific application. ZeroG can be mounted to either location in less than a minute. Check out the resources section of our website for easy “how-to” videos to learn how to mount your ZeroG.

What maintenance is required for EksoZeroG?

EksoZeroG is designed to require minimal maintenance to keep it in good working order.  The bearings are sealed so no greasing is required.  The most important step in caring for your ZeroG is keeping it clean and ensuring the moving parts are kept clear of debris.  The recommended maintenance/cleaning schedule and instructions are included in the Operator Manual.

Can I mount EksoZeroG to something other than an AWP or scaffold? (Ex: to a rolling cart or to an operator)

At this time, EksoZeroG is designed to mount only to AWPs and scaffold.  However, we are always exploring new applications and looking for widespread ergonomic problems that require an exoskeleton-type solution.  If you have ideas for other ways you would like to be able to use ZeroG, please contact us to tell us about your application.