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Amplifying abilities with robotic exoskeletons

EKSO BIONICS receives FDA clearance for Ekso GT™

First and only FDA cleared exoskeleton for use with stroke and spinal cord injuries from L5 to C7.*

With the right support, anything is possible.

Ekso Bionics uses the power of smart exoskeleton technology machines to empower people. Our therapeutic devices can help stroke patients during rehabilitation learn to walk again and provide those with spinal cord injuries the chance to stand and walk.

We also make products that support and protect industrial and construction workers everywhere. We always strive to amplify people’s natural abilities and, ultimately, improve their quality of life.



For patients who never thought they would walk or even stand again, the Ekso GT offers the hope of greater mobility and independence.

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Healthcare Professionals

We designed the Ekso GT for use exclusively in clinical environments. When it’s incorporated into a therapeutic practice, the impact can be profound.

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Designed for dynamic, real-world environments like construction sites, our exoskeletons reduce the negative effects of high-frequency and long-duration activities that can take a toll on a person.

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Cutting-Edge Rehab Technology

Ekso Bionics Inc. recently announced that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its Ekso GT robotic exoskeleton for use in the treatment of individuals with hemiplegia due to stroke.

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