“I was thrilled to discover this product which helps to lighten my load.”

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Let us do the hard work for you.

Ekso Bionics makes products that make it easier and safer for you to do your job. Designed and built for dynamic, real-world environments like construction sites, factories, and distribution centers, our solutions reduce the stress and strain of high-frequency and long-duration activities that take a toll on your body over time.

Lightweight and intuitive to use, EksoWorks’ products ease the physical burdens that hard work places on you. They offer protection and support against fatigue and injury, and increase the likelihood that you can leave your job with energy left for the rest of your life.

The major challenge facing industrial and construction industries today is finishing jobs on time and within budget, as the cost of safety continues to rise due to fatigue, strain and other job-related injuries.

With EksoWorks’ innovative exoskeleton technology, your workers can now complete heavy hand tool tasks with less fatigue, better workmanship and fewer workplace injuries.

Making the Difficult Easy

Ekso Bionics designs and develops wearable exoskeletons to augment human strength,
endurance, and mobility.

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