The leader in exoskeleton technology.

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The leader in exoskeleton technology.

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve continued to drive our expertise in creating wearable devices to augment human potential. Our exoskeleton technology is helping with endurance and allowing human capabilities to go beyond previous limits. They are also bringing hope to individuals who may be dealing with paralysis or confined to a wheelchair. We’re passionate about making a difference with our products, offering potential benefits to workers and individuals around the world. With offices in Europe, Asia, and North America, we are working to empower people around the globe to live their best lives.

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Help your patients regain mobility with EksoHealth.

Every year, 55.9 million people suffer from acquired brain injury, 15 million suffer from stroke, and up to 500,000 people suffer from SCI. Many of these people are left with limited mobility or some form of paralysis. This can be a devastating diagnosis that is completely life-changing for both patients and their families.

At Ekso Bionics, we decided to tackle this by using our unique blend of clinical and engineering expertise to develop disruptive robotics for rehabilitation centers. Now wheelchair users, those affected by spinal cord injury, and patients post stroke or brain injury working with physical therapists can utilize Ekso’s exoskeletons to regain basic movements or even the ability to walk again. The wearer may experience an increase in range of motion and activate muscle activity that they had difficulty with before. Improve your patients’ gait or get them back up to work on balance with the help of our robotic exoskeleton, EksoNR. This technology can have incredible benefits for these individuals and give them a sense of independence back.
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EksoWorks combines strength with safety, reducing fatigue and injury.

Ekso’s products are not only beneficial for physical therapists and individuals overcoming paralysis or injury. Exoskeletons also have immense industrial applications. Shoulder injuries caused by overhead work, repetitive tasks, and overexertion is the leading cause of lost workdays due to workplace injuries. Ekso Bionics is striving to alleviate the burden on hard-working people, drastically reducing the number of workplace injuries and cutting down on worker’s fatigue. Industrial exoskeletons can also help on the construction site or in the warehouse. Simply strap on EVO or set up EksoZeroG and let the machinery do some of the work for you. Our industrial devices can help support heavy loads, making them feel lightweight by giving you extra power and energy behind movements. Combined with human performance, these energy-saving technologies alleviate strain on upper extremities and backs and may lower the risk of injury for industrial and construction workers.
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