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Exoskeletons are a clinical reality

Amplify your patients' abilities in functional mobility with EksoGT™

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Exoskeletons made state of the art

Let us do the hard work for you with EksoZeroG

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Introducing EksoVest

First look at EksoVest, launching in winter 2017

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Exoskeleton Technologies

Investing in Ekso tech

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Working with leaders in rehabilitation, non-profit and industry to advance exoskeleton technology. View all Valued Partners

Take the Next Step With Us

We build exoskeletons that can amplify a person’s natural ability and improve their quality of life. EksoGT™ wearable exoskeleton is used in over 200+ rehabilitation centers worldwide to help patients with spinal cord injury and stroke stand and relearn to walk*. Learn more here.


200+ rehabilitation centers worldwide


Akademiska sjukhuset, SE-751 85 Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala University Hospital

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