We have helped thousands of patients take over 130 million Ekso-aided steps!

At Ekso Bionics, we develop disruptive clinical robotics to tackle loss of mobility and cognition. In doing so, we have helped thousands of patients take over 130 million Ekso-aided steps and have inspired an entirely new medical device industry. We are rethinking rehabilitation, but we still have the same goal: helping people regain their full mobility.


A wearable exoskeleton that provides power to the legs.

Designed to help patients stand and walk during rehabilitation, EksoNR works with clinicians to give the necessary support to the legs, promoting correct movement patterns in all phases of recovery, and challenging patients as they progress towards walking out of EksoNR and back into their communities.

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An upper-body exoskeleton that assists the arm and shoulder.

EksoUE was designed to assist a patient’s affected shoulder and arm during clinical rehabilitation. Engineered for patients suffering from upper extremity paralysis or weakness, EksoUE helps any patient recover strength, endurance, and range of motion.

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Try it to believe it.

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“We went from taking 20 steps with three physical therapists to taking hundreds of steps in a session with one.”

Diane Patzer, DPT
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan

“Ekso helps us get patients up, out of bed, and ambulatory as soon as possible.”

Dr. Jennifer Cohen, MD
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

“EksoNR is the most advanced neuro-rehabilitative exoskeleton available and provides benefits to the largest number of patients recovering from a stroke, spinal cord injury, or acquired brain injury. At Shirley Ryan, we have studied Ekso since the inception and now also use it clinically in our inpatient and outpatient programs.”

Dr. Arun Jayaraman, PT, PhD
Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

“From my own experience, either therapists are physically carrying these patients across the gym at great expense to their own bodies or they’re just not able to mobilize these patients; so many of our patients are very weak and the therapists absorb much because of the burden. The therapists I work with are now able to do so much more using Ekso.”

Dr. Craig DiTommaso, MD, FAAPMR

“You can change the parameters within Ekso allowing for more, less, or no resistance… it is revolutionary.”

Amit Mehta, PT, DPT, MBA
Executive Director of Outpatient Rehab Services, University Health System

“This equipment enables me and the therapy team to give patients more of a chance to live a better quality of life and reduce their long term disability.”

Dr. Jeffrey Oken, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

“Our reason for choosing to purchase Ekso specifically was to meet the need of being a leader in NeuroRehab in central Ohio. Ekso presented a value proposition to our neurorehab program with a ROI of reducing length of stay, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving outcomes.

Dr. Eric Yap, RN, MS, MHA, CRRN, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer, OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital

“We’re finding that patients are progressing far beyond what we’ve ever been able to get them to because we have this means to get people up earlier.”

Dr. Christina Kwasnica, MD
Medical Director, Barrow Neurological Institute

“To take my hands off of a patient and allow them to be a little bit more functional without me, it’s giving them empowerment.”

Jessica Wilchinski, OT
Occupational Therapist, Johns Hopkins Medical


Ekso is offered in 270+ centers worldwide.

With programs in over 30 countries around the globe, Ekso has helped tens of thousands of patients take over 150 million steps. If you think you or a loved one can benefit from Ekso therapy, contact a center near you to learn more and get started with Ekso.

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