Ekso Bionics FAQs


How many Ekso devices are currently in-use?2022-07-11T17:15:40+00:00

Over 500 devices are in 30+ countries worldwide. More than 30% of centers with Ekso have more than one device.

I’m interested in learning more about how Ekso can add value to my rehabilitation facility. Who should I contact?2022-07-11T20:03:54+00:00

Contact us to get connected with a Regional Manager to discuss your program and whether EksoNR would be a good fit at your facility.

Why should I add EksoNR to my practice?2022-07-11T20:04:46+00:00

Ekso is the only exoskeleton designed specifically by clinicians for clinicians and features software incorporating early mobility tools and independent walking support. EksoNR is also the only exoskeleton FDA cleared for use with acquired brain injury and multiple sclerosis (MS).

What’s the difference between EksoGT and EksoNR?2020-08-18T03:00:31+00:00

EksoNR is the new generation of EksoGT. To learn more about EksoNR and it’s new features, watch our “What’s New” video.

I’m a rehabilitation professional interested in using Ekso in my rehabilitation center. Who should I contact?2022-07-11T20:05:43+00:00

Contact us to discuss a demonstration of EksoNR at your facilitiy.

What are EksoNR’s size and weight requirements?2020-08-11T22:24:47+00:00

Ekso fits patients under 220 pounds and between 5′ and 6’4″.

How long does EksoNR’s battery last?2020-08-11T22:24:09+00:00

Ekso comes with two sets of rechargeable lithium ion batteries that allow for continuous use.

Can my child use Ekso?2021-11-24T00:10:29+00:00

Ekso Bionics exoskeletons are only available for patients from 5′ to 6′ 4″ and is FDA cleared for use for those who are 18 years old and over. Please contact Customer Relations for more information.

Can I buy EksoNR for personal use?2020-08-18T03:10:19+00:00

No, Ekso is only available in certified rehabilitation centers. Find a center near you with our interactive map.

Where can I use Ekso?2020-08-18T18:15:48+00:00

Find a center near you with our interactive map.


Due to ongoing supply chain challenges EksoUE is currently unavailable.  Please contact us directly for more information on when EksoUE may become available. 

Why should I add EksoUE to my practice?2021-03-09T17:31:46+00:00

Ekso is the only upper extremity exoskeleton designed specifically by clinicians, for clinicians. It features early mobility tools for a variety of activities of daily living or gaming activities. Request a demo to learn more about how EksoUE can benefit your practice.

Where can I use EksoUE?2021-03-09T17:32:22+00:00

EksoUE is currently available exclusively in certified rehabilitation centers. Find a center near you with our interactive map or contact Customer Relations.

What is the training process for EksoUE?2020-08-11T22:50:51+00:00

The training consists of a self-guided online training course consisting of learning modules training on both able-bodied and patient driven practice opportunities.

Is EksoUE versatile in utilization?2021-03-09T17:35:08+00:00

EksoUE can be donned in a seated or standing position. EksoUE can be worn in many therapy environments and is not tethered to static equipment, making it ideal for functional activities of daily living or gaming activities.

Does my patient need to have active movement?2020-08-11T22:49:32+00:00

The patient must be able to actively achieve at least 20 degrees of active shoulder flexion in order to benefit from the device.

Who is contraindicated from using EksoUE?2021-03-09T17:36:01+00:00

Patients who have poor skin integrity in areas in contact with the device, severe upper extremity pain with movement, significant shoulder impingement resulting in pain, and unresolved deep vein thrombosis in the upper extremity should NOT utilize EksoUE.

Who is appropriate for EksoUE?2020-08-11T22:40:14+00:00

Patients need to be cleared for safe, functional active range of motion. Their upper and lower arm segment lengths need to fit within the range of EksoUE adjustability. The patient must be able to initiate shoulder motion (generally 2-/5 shoulder strength with greater or equal to 20 degrees of active shoulder flexion).

Who can benefit from EksoUE?2021-03-09T17:41:34+00:00

EksoUE is intended for those patients with impaired upper-extremity function due to, but not limited to, CVA, SCI, MS, Guillain’ Barre, Brachial Plexus injuries, and orthopedic injuries.

How much does EksoUE weigh?2021-03-09T17:42:05+00:00

EksoUE weighs 12 pounds.

How does EksoUE work?2021-03-09T17:42:48+00:00

EksoUE has interchangeable springs, allowing for different powered active assisted function movement, based on the patient’s strength, endurance, and weight of their extremity. The patient wears the device to participate in occupational or physical therapy sessions to provide active assist/increased active range of motion in many planes, reduce gravitational forces, allow for longer activity sessions, and lead to more high intensity sessions.

What is EksoUE?2020-08-19T19:40:50+00:00

EksoUE is a non-actuated upper extremity exoskeleton powered by spring forces and active assistance by the patient. Watch our video to learn more.

Ekso EVO

What is the warranty?2022-03-16T22:44:27+00:00

EVO is covered under a limited warranty for 1 year. The details of this warranty can be found in the Operator Manual.

How long does it take to change soft goods (arm cuffs, hip belts, etc.)?2020-08-11T22:55:59+00:00

The entire set of soft goods can be changed in less than 5 minutes.

The soft goods are removable so that they can be washed or swapped to fit a different operator.

What maintenance is involved?2022-03-16T22:44:39+00:00

EVO requires minimal maintenance. Keeping your EVO clean is the most important aspect of maintenance. The recommended maintenance/cleaning schedule and instructions are included in the Operator Manual.

Can I put EVO on by myself?2021-03-09T17:28:17+00:00

Yes, EVO is designed so an operator can easily put it on by themselves, similar to putting on a jacket. 

Most people can put their EVO on in 15 – 30 seconds.

How much can I lift with EVO?2021-03-09T17:29:36+00:00

While wearing EVO, you should only lift the same amount of weight as you would without the device on.

EVO provides 5 – 15 lb. (2.2 – 6.8 kg) of list assistance per arm to give your natural strength a boost throughout your work day.  This is NOT intended to give you super strength but instead give you super endurance and reduce fatigue so that you have more energy and less soreness at the end of your shift.  Whatever payload you normally lift (a 4 lb. torque wrench, a 10 lb. component, or even just the weight of your arm) will feel lighter with the boost you get from your EVO.