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EksoNR Training Modules

Initial Training

Level 1 Certification is designed to allow your team time to familiarize themselves with the basic feature set of EksoNR and its applications to gait training.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Feature Training occurs four weeks after Initial Training and consists of a deeper dive into the functionality of EksoNR.

Continuing Education

Ekso Bionics has been granted 53 Continuing Competence Units, through the Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), for successful completion of the EksoNR training program. Contact us to learn more. 


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EksoWorks Training Media

Donning & Doffing EVO
EVO Measurement and Set-up
EksoZeroG Quick Start Guide
EksoZeroG Operator Manual
EksoZeroG Tool Holders & Approved Matches
EksoZeroG Suggested Techniques
EksoZeroG Maintenance Guide
EksoZeroG Setup for Construction
Slinging Tools for EksoZeroG
EksoZeroG Setup for Flat Work
EksoVest Operator Manual
EksoVest Quick Start Guide
Getting Started with EksoVest