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More Information on Ekso Indego Personal

Those with a spinal cord injury at levels T3 to L5 may be eligible for an Ekso Indego Personal exoskeleton. You will need an evaluation from a trained physical therapist and a medical clearance form from your physician. Please fill out the form to connect with an Ekso Indego specialist to find out if you qualify.

Covered by Medicare? As of April 2024, Medicare began approving personal exoskeletons for individuals who qualify. Click HERE to see if you are eligible to receive a personal exoskeleton at a significantly lower cost! 

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More Information on EksoNR and Ekso Indego Therapy

Get more information on our robotic exoskeletons for rehabilitation after stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury or after MS diagnosis. EksoNR and Ekso Indego Therapy are designed to be used in a rehabilitation setting. If you have a spinal cord injury and are looking for a personal use device, Ekso Indego Personal may be available to you.

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More Information on Ekso EVO

Get more information on our upper extremity exoskeleton designed to increase safety, productivity and reduce injuries in a workplace setting. We no longer manufacture, sell or service EksoZeroG. 

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