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The Ekso EVO Logo

EVO is designed to provide power without the pain.


At Ekso, we believe every injury is preventable.

Our mission is to eliminate worker injuries and help with activities of daily living. To that end, EVO was developed in collaboration with customers, physical therapists, and partner feedback to address the unique challenges of industrial applications. EVO, the next evolution of EksoVest, is the world’s most durable, naturally-tracking, and assistive exoskeleton vest.

EVO features additional exoskeleton technology we’ve been working on, based on market feedback. We’ve improved the design, manufacturing, velocity, system, and ergonomics to ensure that this wearable exoskeleton delivers an exceptional user experience for workers and wearers of all sizes and trades.


We built EVO because we heard you.

Our first industrial exoskeleton vest, EksoVest, changed the way construction workers and manufacturers think about safety. Allowing leading companies in the industrial market like Ford and Boeing to reduce production costs and worker injuries while increasing productivity and efficiency, EksoVest was field-tested around the world for three years. Your feedback on function has been heard and we are proud to introduce you to our new solution: EVO.

Graph showing potential cost savings associated with Ekso Bionics.


In order to reduce the barrier to entry, we have created flexible powered exoskeletons, making the use of the device simple to adopt for your workers with a great return on investment.

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We lessened the bulkiness and weight of our new vest. With improved features such as customized fit and reduced weight, EVO is incredibly comfortable to wear on your waist and upper arm.

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We wanted to make extended use and motor function effortless, so EVO has minimal touch-points, keeping you cool while EVO lifts heavy loads for you.

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With rigorous field testing by clinicians, EVO is quality guaranteed and built around data collected throughout its development in the field. Human capabilities are limitless for stand positions and overhead work with minimum discomfort and increased quality of life.

EVO is designed to provide power without the pain.

You can’t move without pain if you can’t move naturally. EVO has been designed in partnership with smart assist to move together with your body, allowing for strength throughout your natural range of motion. The user’s torso, waist, and arms can move freely without issue. Designed with minimal touch-points, EVO allows for an increased range of motion with the same support you expect with Ekso, allowing for more work for a long time with less pain. This lightweight exoskeleton allows you to move with complete freedom. EVO’s new exoskeleton technology takes away the strain and risk of overexertion while keeping you comfortable and upright.

Benefits of EVO:
  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Improves health & endurance
  • Increases productivity
  • Prevents workplace injuries, especially shoulder injuries
  • Elevates worker morale & retention
  • Enhances workmanship & output in real-time

“Using Ekso, the pain immediately alleviated. Not having to fight the weight of the tool was unreal.”

Tatiana Aguirre
Former Construction Worker

Once we incorporated Ekso in our production process, we saw an immediate reduction in employee complaints and we saw a 25% reduction in worker breaks. Our employee turnover has been reduced to zero for this process in the four months since the implementation of the product. We found that we increased our throughput by 25% while reallocating employee labor to other departments.

Juan Manuel Estrada
Operational Excellence Engineer, Forterra

“When they brought Ekso out, they absolutely stunned our office. Our productivity went up about 200%, almost 300%.”

Steve Brown
Carpenter, 971 Reno Carpenters Union

“Autoworkers are creators of habit, we are trained to do the same thing every day, day after day, so it can be hard for an autoworker to adapt to change or try something new. I was a little skeptical of Ekso at first, but it’s improved my lifestyle even beyond work because I’m not as tired all the time.”

Paul Collins
Assembly Worker, Ford Motors


Lightweight, no compromises.

EVO’s patented stacked-link structure seamlessly follows the user’s arm and elbow through the full range of motion while providing proper joint alignment through repetitive movement. Extreme logistics positions — like reaching directly overhead, across the body, or even into a back pocket for a phone — are unrestricted with this wearable exoskeleton.

EVO’s adjustable, high-force actuators are proven to be extremely durable with over a million cycles before requiring replacement. The assistance level of each device can be adjusted for the user and task by easily swapping out the set of compact gas springs. Different levels can even be selected for each arm independently depending on the task.

Man using Ekso EVO with an automatic screwdriver.


Batteries not needed.

With an independent load path, EVO has completely decoupled left and right shoulder support structures to allow full flexibility of a user’s torso and waist, so twisting and bending feels completely natural. The user’s upper body is also completely free of limitations, allowing unrestricted airflow and leaving plenty of room for a fall harness. EVO is designed to only contact the user’s body where absolutely essential – including the elimination of annoying shoulder straps – while still staying firmly in place during use. The result is more comfortable and cooler to wear than even a backpack, especially in hot environments.

Requiring no additional batteries, charging, or electrical power of any kind, EVO exoskeletons allow for a full day of wear without any downtime. It's an assistive device that can be easily activated and asymmetrically controlled by a toggle switch on each shoulder, allowing for individuals to put the vest on and work without any additional help.


Try it to believe it.

EVO is now available within North America, European Union, Russia and South Korea.

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What is the warranty?2021-09-16T21:37:00+00:00

EVO is covered under a limited warranty for 1 year. The details of this warranty can be found in the Operator Manual.

How long does it take to change soft goods (arm cuffs, hip belts, etc.)?2020-08-11T22:55:59+00:00

The entire set of soft goods can be changed in less than 5 minutes.

The soft goods are removable so that they can be washed or swapped to fit a different operator.

What maintenance is involved?2021-03-09T17:25:58+00:00

EVO requires minimal maintenance. Keeping your EVO clean is the most important aspect of maintenance. The recommended maintenance/cleaning schedule and instructions are included in the Operator Manual.

Can I put EVO on by myself?2021-03-09T17:28:17+00:00

Yes, EVO is designed so an operator can easily put it on by themselves, similar to putting on a jacket. 

Most people can put their EVO on in 15 – 30 seconds.

How much can I lift with EVO?2021-03-09T17:29:36+00:00

While wearing EVO, you should only lift the same amount of weight as you would without the device on.

EVO provides 5 – 15 lb. (2.2 – 6.8 kg) of list assistance per arm to give your natural strength a boost throughout your work day.  This is NOT intended to give you super strength but instead give you super endurance and reduce fatigue so that you have more energy and less soreness at the end of your shift.  Whatever payload you normally lift (a 4 lb. torque wrench, a 10 lb. component, or even just the weight of your arm) will feel lighter with the boost you get from your EVO.

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