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Kamien Pomorski Health Resort

About Kamien Pomorski Health Resort

The Health Resort offering accommodation to over six thousand patients a year shapes the contemporary image of the town and creates the unique aura of Kamień Pomorski. Over fifty years of experience within health treatment and rehabilitation as well as precious natural resources mined: brine springs and peat deposits make Kamień Pomorski one of the most appreciated health resorts in Poland. Health Resort Kamień Pomorski is famous for curing motor system conditions, rheumatologic and neurological diseases as well as cardiovascular system conditions. The health resort specialises in early cardiologic rehabilitation of post- infarction condition as well as early orthopaedic rehabilitation. Moreover, post-mastectomy conditions are also treated here. The offer of the health resort is created with patients appreciating natural treatment methods and active relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of sea holiday resorts. The immediate vicinity of water promotes relaxation in the open and is an extra asset for sailing, rowing or fishing enthusiasts. To meet the needs of our patients we have also created  a wide range of professional treatments as well as beauty and care treatments: peat treatments, baths, inhalations, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, massages, treatment gymnastics and rehabilitation pool.

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