How To Clean Your Ekso Device

We at Ekso Bionics hope that you are staying healthy and offer our support to maintain the health of your patients. In this unprecedented time, it is important to understand how to safely and effectively disinfect equipment shared between multiple people.Ekso’s products, EksoGT, EksoNR, EksoVest, and EksoUE, are all designed with soft goods materials that can be disinfected between patient uses.

Note the restrictions against bleach and germicidal sprays, which may damage your device.

Contact areas of Ekso should be wiped down with a disposable, non-bleach, disinfecting towelette between uses.In the case of body fluid contact:

• Wipe down all contaminated surfaces with a disposable disinfecting towelette to clean and to remove bioburden.
• Disinfect the cleaned surface with a fresh towelette.
• Let all cleaned surfaces dry before using the Ekso with another person.

DO NOT spray the device with germicidal solutions; such actions will damage batteries and components.

Internally at Ekso, our team has typically used disinfectant wipes with a pre-applied solution of Ammonium Chloride and Isopropyl Alcohol.  Specific products that we have used or have similar properties are listed below. 

Product Name


Active Ingredients



Isopropanol (17.2%) and Ammonium Chloride (0.28%)

Super Sani-cloth


Isopropanol (55%) and Ammonium Chloride (0.25%)



Isopropanol (21%) and Ammonium Chloride (0.15%)

According to the manufacturers, these wipes are intended to guard against bacteria, TB, and Viruses in general.  See manufactures’ labeling for a list of specific pathogens affected.

While our recommendations were not made in the context of Covid-19 mitigation, we thought it might be helpful to provide links to several manufacturers’ guidance with respect that novel virus.  See links below for more details: 




If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Experience team for more information.

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