Lower the number of workers injured on the job with EksoWorks!

That’s over 12,000 injuries per month or 4.5 million injuries per year. These injuries accounted for 104 million lost production days in 2017. The top category of injuries that resulted in lost workdays is overexertion due to overhead work and lifting, lowering, and repetitive tasks.

Introducing EVO: The next evolution of EksoVest.

EVO is an upper-body lifting exoskeleton designed to increase productivity and reduce fatigue, with the goal of eliminating work-related injuries to the neck, shoulder, and back. Building upon the industry’s first industrial vest, EksoVest, EVO is the world’s most lightweight, durable, assistive, and naturally-tracking industrial exoskeleton of its kind.

We’ve researched ergonomics, injuries, and discomfort in the last three years to come up with the best exosuit for industrial applications that allows for the maximum degree of freedom. Our passive exoskeleton can make a single person feel like Iron Man with increased strength, stamina, and protection from injuries without any additional stress or muscle fatigue.

Each industrial exoskeleton also prioritizes the comfort of wearers. EVO’s harness fits securely on the upper extremities, has minimal touchpoints, and provides large armholes for the full range of motion in joints and the support of muscle activity.

Construction workers, logistics and warehouse workers, and manufacturers alike can take advantage of our new exoskeleton’s functionality to improve human performance and boost occupational safety in industrial settings. As the world’s leader in exoskeleton technology, we strive to combine human intelligence with the strength and precision of machines and wearables for the benefit of humanity.

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EVO has countless applications.

  • Solar installation

  • Utilities and telecommunications

  • Logistics and fulfillment

  • Automotive mechanics

  • Food processing

  • Drywall installation

  • Shipbuilding

  • Film equipment operation

  • Natural gas & oil

  • HVAC installation & repair

  • Plastering

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with EksoZeroG.

EksoZeroG is a gravity balancing arm that supports heavy tools on aerial work platforms so workers have more endurance, accuracy, and safety. The powerful mechanical arm bears the weight of heavy equipment, so workers don’t need to.

With an expenditure of $21 billion per year on workplace injuries in the U.S., we clearly aren’t as safe and efficient as we should be. Common work injuries include strains, lacerations to limbs, spine injuries, and more. While we can improve safety to an extent using things like sensors, reflective tape, and smart training, we need more.

The EksoZeroG industrial mechanical arm brings more in a package that can be set up in under a minute. The gravity support arm can brace heavy loads in dynamic environments like aerial workspaces or scaffolding. EksoZeroG is compatible with any tool weighing up to 42 lbs and enables workers to maneuver tools and other objects as if weightless.

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Our origin story: past Ekso Bionics projects

Products like EksoVest, HULC, and the original Ekso rehab exoskeletons have paved the way to today’s Ekso Bionics device lineup.

HULC was our hydraulics powered exoskeleton that helped soldiers carry heavy equipment loads over long distances in combat situations. The battery-powered suit could support long time speeds of up to 10 mph. The U.S. Navy and DARPA have since used our exoskeletons for multiple programs.

Our EksoGT model, since upgraded to EksoNR, is a lower body robot suit used in physical rehabilitation. It comfortably supports the waist, thigh, and legs and helps patients regain their range of motion and natural gait. It was originally used for stroke patients but is now used to help wearers with paralysis as well.

Read more about the products that have laid the foundation for today’s technology.

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“Autoworkers are creators of habit, we are trained to do the same thing every day, day after day, so it can be hard for an autoworker to adapt to change or try something new. I was a little skeptical of Ekso at first, but it’s improved my lifestyle even beyond work because I’m not as tired all the time.”

Paul Collins
Assembly Worker, Ford Motors

“When they brought Ekso out, they absolutely stunned our office. Our productivity went up about 200%, almost 300%.”

Steve Brown
Carpenter, 971 Reno Carpenters Union

“Using Ekso, the pain immediately alleviated. Not having to fight the weight of the tool was unreal.”

Tatiana Aguirre
Former Construction Worker

Once we incorporated Ekso in our production process, we saw an immediate reduction in employee complaints and we saw a 25% reduction in worker breaks. Our employee turnover has been reduced to zero for this process in the four months since the implementation of the product. We found that we increased our throughput by 25% while reallocating employee labor to other departments.

Juan Manuel Estrada
Operational Excellence Engineer, Forterra


Try it to believe it.

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