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The rehabilitation process can be a long one. Each individual recovering from an illness or injury will have a unique rehabilitation journey. Some patients may require significant assistance to get into a standing position, and it might be nearly impossible to get them walking without multiple personnel assisting. Others might be able to walk a bit, but with significant gait deviations. Some may be back to living at home but feeling limited by what they can do because of lingering fatigue or weakness. With the help of Ekso Bionics robotic exoskeletons, all of these patients can learn how to walk again with a quality and intensity traditional therapy is incapable of providing.


NeuroRehab for gait training & mobility: EksoNR

EksoNR® is the only FDA-cleared exoskeleton for treatment of acquired brain injury (ABI) and multiple sclerosis (MS) and is also FDA-cleared for stroke (CVA) and spinal cord injury (SCI). EksoNR is used by physical therapists to clinically rehabilitate patients, allowing them to regain mobility. A robotic exoskeleton with motors at the hips and knees, EksoNR can support a patient in an upright posture and help them learn to take steps of their own. Physical therapists choose to utilize EksoNR because of its robust software suite which allows them to challenge their patients of all levels. EksoNR is a tool to help your patients actively participate in relearning to walk. It also has numerous safety features that take work away from the physical therapist, which can lead to more intensive practice for the patient.

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Ekso Indego Therapy

Powering people forward: Ekso Indego Therapy

Ekso Indego Therapy is a lightweight, lower-limb powered exoskeleton that can be custom-sized and perfectly fitted to patients in less than five minutes. Ekso Indego Therapy is ideal for patients with spinal cord injury who have some trunk control and are working on walking in outpatient therapy or in a wellness center or gym setting. This robotic exoskeleton enables therapists to deliver individualized gait training for those with SCI looking to increase their speed and coordination in preparation for walking at home and in their community in Ekso Indego Personal.

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Ekso Bionics is with you every step of the way

Even though you may be living with an injury or illness, you deserve to recover well and live your life to the fullest. We believe Ekso Bionics can offer you that opportunity with our unique, innovative technology. Consult your therapist to see if EksoNR or Ekso Indego Therapy may work for you. With nearly 400 centers around the globe, we hope there will be an opportunity to try our devices near you. If you are looking for a device you can use at home or in your community, Ekso Indego Personal may be right for you.

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