Our mission is to empower patient recovery.

With the goal of assisting therapists to provide excellent care, we help patients feel empowered while elevating recovery. Rehabilitation centers help all sorts of individuals from stroke patients to people with disabilities to neurorehabilitation. Physical medicine or physical therapy can help, but the patient outcomes all look different. With the help of Ekso Bionics, patients can move beyond their limitations and learn how to function with their new condition with the help of rehabilitation services. 

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NeuroRehab for gait training & mobility: EksoNR

Your body is a complicated, interconnected system where every piece needs to work together for you to function. This is why certain conditions can dramatically affect your life and your health. For example, any neurological damage or complications with your spinal cord can end up impacting your mobility and movement. An in-depth assessment can help you understand what therapy you’ll need and if EksoNR can help.

EksoNR is the only FDA-cleared exoskeleton for treatment of acquired brain injury (ABI) and multiple sclerosis (MS) and is also FDA-cleared for stroke and spinal cord injury (SCI). Ekso Bionics helps physical therapists, physiatrists, and doctors to clinically rehabilitate patients, allowing them to regain mobility. A robotic exoskeleton can even help clinicians get patients out of wheelchairs, walking with a cane or crutches, and back to a more normalized posture during gait training. With regulatory approval, EksoNR is an excellent tool for rehab facilities to help patients progress, get them back on their feet earlier and walking unassisted, if possible.

Diseases or injuries that can be treated with physical therapy and a wearable exoskeleton include:

  • Stroke

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Aneurysm

  • Hypoxia/Anoxia

  • Ischemia

  • Brain tumor

  • Any other acquired brain injury

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EksoNR Exoskeleton Logo

Upper-Extremity therapy for the activities of daily life: EksoUE

EksoUE, our upper-extremity rehabilitation exoskeleton, assists physical therapists, occupational therapists, physiatrists, and doctors to clinically rehabilitate patients with upper-body weakness or paralysis. This new technology also greatly benefits industrial applications and other workplace settings or job sites. Wearable robots help workers complete tasks with an active range of motion rather than giving in to fatigue, overuse, or repetitive movements.

Of course, upper-body strength and injury can come from any number of areas whether that be occupation risks or other injuries. An upper-body exoskeleton is a wearable vest that helps you perform everyday tasks and use your arms and shoulders without limitations. There are a few different reasons why someone may benefit from upper-extremity therapy and bionics. Some conditions EksoUE is beneficial for include:

  • Stroke

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Muscular dystrophy

  • Ataxia

  • Orthopaedic injury

  • Giullian Barre

  • Brain tumor

  • Brachial plexus injuries

  • Other upper-extremity weakness or paralysis

Ekso is with you every step of the way.

Even though you may be living with an injury or illness, you deserve to recover well and live your life to the fullest. We wholeheartedly believe Ekso can offer you that opportunity with our unique, innovative technology. Your physical impairment doesn’t have to hold you back or limit you; not when a medical device like our bionic exoskeletons exists. Consult your therapist to see if Ekso may work for you and hopefully eliminate uncertainties about your future mobility. With nearly 400 centers around the globe, we hope there will be an Ekso rehabilitation program near you.

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