Investing in an EksoNR program

We understand capital investment in advanced technology is not always in reach, which is why Ekso Bionics is now offering a subscription option for EksoNR. Check out our ROI calculator to see how affordable an EksoNR program could be for your NeuroRehab facility. 


The value of an Ekso partnership

With our subscription model, it is easier than ever to provide cutting-edge exoskeleton technology for your patients while staying ahead of your competition. Watch Eric Yap, former CEO of OhioHealth Rehabilitation Hospital, walk through an example of the return on investment our subscription option can provide.

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Subscription ROI calculator

*Based on 12-month subscription  |  © 2021 Ekso Bionics  |  All results are estimated for US only and pricing is subject to change.

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Speak to an expert

Patients affected by stroke, brain injury, MS and spinal cord injury are seeking robotic exoskeletons for their rehabilitation. Connect with one of our experts to walk through the calculator with your metrics and discuss what an EksoNR program would look like.

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