[The following is condensed from the full webinar of Dr. Crissy Voigtmann and Dr. CJ Curran.]

While EksoNR (the first FDA-cleared exoskeleton for ABI, stroke and spinal cord injury) is a technological advancement that has changed the way patients with stroke experience rehabilitation, it is not without its own difficulties. The Institute For Advanced Rehabilitation (IFR, Orlando Health), has been partnered with Ekso Bionics since 2019. Dr. Crissy Voigtmann and Dr. CJ Curran utilized EksoNR with certain patients and found some difficulties that they were not at first prepared for.

The Generation Gap

With stroke comes increased age. Typically speaking, some of the older individuals are not as comfortable with technology. It becomes very apparent once they get into EksoNR and they’re fearful. Their anxiety can become a pretty significant barrier to try to get them acclimated to this level of technology. Not only that, but also from a deficit standpoint, individuals that have attention deficits or engagement deficits just want to go along for the ride once they are in the suit, and it c